Healthcare Professionals


Healthcare professionals are the vital link between donor families and recipients. It is through your efforts that the donation process can take place. Whether you are a coroner, hospital staff, Hosparus worker or another healthcare professional, the referral process is the same.

At the time of death, collect as much information about the deceased’s medical and social history as possible. After this information has been obtained contact us at 1-800-525-3456. Based upon the information you provide, we will determine what can be donated. Because not everyone is eligible to donate, we ask that you do not discuss the option of donation with the family until after you have spoken with us. We do not want to create additional grief for a family by offering them the opportunity to donate, only to find out later that their loved one is not eligible.

If a person is eligible to donate, we will first check the donor registry to see if they are registered. If they are not a registered donor, we will present the option of donation to the family. Because this may be a difficult conversation to have with a family, we request that you allow us to give the family their donation options.

If a family chooses to donate they will be asked a series of questions regarding the deceased’s medical and social history. These questions are similar to the ones asked when donating blood. These questions will be asked by our trained staff.

If you have additional questions about the referral process, or would like to schedule an in-service, please feel free to contact us.