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The cornea is the thin, transparent portion of the eye that allows light in. It is the size of a contact lens and may be donated up to 16 hours after the time of death. Here you will find:

Can whole eyes be transplanted? • Who can become a donor? • How can I become a donor?

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Some of my favorite sights are sunsets, my beloved dog, the ocean, and the precious faces of my nieces. In 2005, I thought I may never see these things again. One August morning I woke up with severe eye pain. After many doctor visits I found out that I had a very rare eye infection. My sight was getting worse each day… (read more)

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Receiving a Corneal Transplant


Have you been told you need a corneal transplant? This page will help you find answers to some of your concerns by addressing the more common questions about corneal transplant. You will also find a brief description of the process from Donor to Recipient.

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About the Lions Eye Bank


The mission of the Kentucky Lions Eye Bank is to restore sight through corneal transplant, ocular research and medical education. We will promote eye, organ and tissue donation while respecting and honoring the donors and their families who so selflessly give.